Ari Rosenthal

Using photography composed of strong architectural elements (organic and man-made), Ari David Rosenthal creates “re-imaginings” of his traditional fine art photography that reach far beyond the original image capture. Creating a synthesis and application of dimension, saturation and texture, Rosenthal’s newest pieces pop with dynamic fluidity.

Rosenthal, a native of Milwaukee, WI, holds a BA from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and an MBA from the University of Minnesota. During the 1980’s and 90’s, Rosenthal, a talented musician, played sax, flute, and EWI in various bands within the Milwaukee, Madison, and Minneapolis areas. In 2003, Rosenthal returned home from Los Angeles, and created OzMoses – a design, video, music, and marketing company. In 2004, OzMoses shifted heavily towards photography and videography and in 2008 became Ari Rosenthal Photography.

Artist Statement

My work is dynamic, diverse, and non-dogmatic.  It is a visual dance of saturation, texture, form and space.  Each image is a unique synthesis of elements that result in a “re-imagining” that may or may not divulge its origins.

Each piece of art begins with an original photograph as its canvas.  My creative process is a non-uniform one and varies based upon the origin image and whether it involves deconstruction, enhancement, collage or warping. This process is rarely predetermined.

Occasionally, I’ll begin by isolating the most powerful architectural elements – be they organic or man-made – within each image and using that as a launch point. Other times, I’ll strip any recognizable form from an image and work with or mold from its essence.

Using line, shape, color, texture, tension, and balance, the evolution of my work reaches far beyond the original image.  There is a symbiotic relationship between my moments of inspiration, the tools at my disposal, and my ADD aesthetic all working towards an incredibly diverse library of imagery.

Though I know the genesis of each piece of work, it is the process of discovery – accidental and intentional – that determines the outcome.

My work is both a direct expression of conscious/subconscious intention combined with experimentation.